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Tips on using your Visa CheckCard

Here are some tips and practices for you to use with your Visa CheckCard:

  • Activate your card before your first usage. Activation number: 888-239-8452
  • Know your daily CheckCard withdrawal limits
    CheckCard - Open to Buy Limit $1,500 daily
    CheckCard - ATM Withdrawal Limit $1,000 daily.
    Individual card limits may vary.
  • Point of Sale merchant terminals process your FSNB Visa CheckCard as a credit transaction. If you were to select debit, the transaction will be processed as an ATM transaction and you could be charged a $1.50 foreign ATM fee or your transaction could be denied.
  • Outstanding authorizations are not always the actual purchase amount. Hotels hold up to $500 daily. Some restaurants add a 10% gratuity. If you are paying at the gas pump, the "pre-authorization hold" on "pay at the pump transactions" could be up to $125, even if you don't purchase that amount. When the actual amount of your purchase is submitted by the merchant the $125 hold will be dropped. But until that time, any of your subsequent purchases may trigger an "Over the Limit Decline" or an insufficient funds denial.
  • Do not use your PIN for CheckCard transactions, except at the ATM.
  • FSNB reserves the right to monitor all rental car transactions and may restrict the usage of your Visa CheckCard if deemed necessary. You are responsible for insuring that sufficient funds are available in your account to cover all preauthorized amounts plus 15% when the car rental contract is finalized. If your available balance falls below the total of the accumulated preauthorizations and your account becomes overdrawn you could incur overdraft fees and possible returned items.
  • Some countries block certain Debit Cards. Please notify us when traveling internationally to avoid interruption in card usage.

If your Debit Card or PIN becomes lost or stolen contact FSNB at 800-749-4583. After business hours your call will be directed to the automated line, your IVR code is required. If your IVR Code is not available please contact our after-hours phone service at 800-472-3272.

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