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Savings Bonds

Every portfolio should have a percentage of "safe" investments. Investing in U.S. Savings bonds are an excellent way of investing in your country's future and maintaining a safe haven for your investment portfolio. Click here to find the investment best for you.

Bonds that are purchased through the Active Military are done as an ALLOTMENT.

In every branch of the military Allotments are started and stopped as follows:

  • ARMY: P.A.C Office. (Personal Action Center)
    Air Force: Finance Office
    Marines/Navy: Administration Office

To have your bonds released from safekeeping or information regarding your bonds purchased through a Military Allotment you need to write or fax a letter describing your request.


  • Please release bonds purchased for ( name ) starting from – to, held in safekeeping and mail them to me
  • ( address)
    ( city, state, zip )
    ( print name, Social Security Number) Signature
    Daytime Phone
Air Force
P.O. BOX 200030
Denver, CO 80220-0030
Phone # (303) 676-7642
FAX # (303) 676-7644
DFAS-Indianapolis Center
Directorate for Centralized Disbursing
8899 E 56th ST
Indianapolis, IN 46249-8672
Phone # (317) 510-0586/0503
FAX # (317) 510-2950

DFAS Cleveland
1240 E 9th Street
Cleveland, OH 44199-2055
Phone # (216) 522-5719
Fax # (216) 522-6358
DFAS Cleveland
1240 E 9th Street
Cleveland, OH 44199-2055
Phone # (216) 522-5719
Fax # (216) 522-6358


Question: I have lost/destroyed my Savings Bond, can I get a new one?
Answer: Yes, Please visit the website www.savingsbond.gov.

Question: What is the difference between EE Bonds and I Bonds?
Answer: EE bonds are bought at half the face value and have a set interest rate. I bonds are bought at the full face value and the interest rate varies.

Question: Can I purchase Savings Bonds at the Branch?
Answer: No, Savings Bond are no longer sold at Financial Institutions. You may purchase them online by visiting www.savingsbond.gov.

Our Customer Service support is just a bank-mail or call away at 1-800-749-4583. For toll free overseas numbers, Click Here.

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