Ms. Curtis said, “Every time I come in the Greenway branch I receive great customer service with a smile. I don’t have to wait long to be taken care of. I love the ladies, they all take good care of me.”

Ms. Bracey wanted to let us know, “I’m taken care of as soon as I walk in the branch. The Greenway branch is a great place to bank.”

Ms. Spires told us, “When I come in the Greenway branch I’m greeted in a friendly manner, and taken care of in no time at all. I love banking with FSNB.”

Ms. Wilson said, “When I come in the Greenway branch I’m taken care of in less than five minutes. Each visit is a pleasure, everyone is so helpful.”

Ms. Oneal said, “Monique (Call Center CRS) was very helpful and patient, she helped me while being very supportive. Monique took her time and offered to have me speak to her in the future, if I wish. I really appreciate reps who listen.”

Ms. Lambert told us, “Everyone at the Country Club branch are very nice. I always get outstanding service here. Due to the great service I receive here, it makes me want to stay an FSNB customer.”

Ms. Williams said, “I love the staff at the Youree Drive branch, together they are a great team.”

Mr. Ford told us, “Everyone at the Cordova branch are always so nice, I always receive a warm welcome every time I come in.”

Mr. Blocker said, “When I come into the Country Club Rd. branch I receive excellent service and I’m waited on immediately.”

Mr. Murphy stated, “Yolanda (Call Center CSR) did a good job assisting me today. I didn't remember some of my information to verify myself so, she asked me several other questions in order to verify it was me, and that made me feel safe. I feel I have chosen a really good bank since they ask extra questions and I feel my money is safe. I can tell the CSR really cares about people when I call. I want to give Yolanda 150 stars, she did an awesome job.”

Mr. Harris told us, “Mari (Call Center Tmldr.) is exceptional! Even when she’s not available, all the other employees are helpful as well. I love dealing with Mari, she’s great!”

Ms. Giddens told us, “When I come in the Youree Drive branch they never make me feel uncomfortable even when I didn’t know how to fill out forms.”

Mr. Juarez said, “I came in to open a checking and a savings account at the Nolensville branch. They were great with the way they explained things to me.”

Ms. Faulkner said, “Brandon (Cordova CSR) helped me with my account, he was so friendly, that was one of the reasons I decided to open my new account at FSNB. His customer service was amazing!”

Ms. Harrell told us, “I’m always greeted when I come in the Pearl branch. The staff is always very friendly and the service is prompt. Good job!”

Ms. Otis wanted to let us know, “Sandra P. (Call Center CSR) did a great job helping me. Sandra was on target and I believe she should be recognized for the way she handled my call, Sandra pointed out issues I was not aware of and went above and beyond to giving me options. She had a great attitude from the time she answered the phone all the way to the end of the call I’m happy FSNB hires people who are happy to work.”

Ms. Lee said, “I had a little situation while traveling and had been overcharged for a purchase. I wanted to let everyone know Heather (Call Center Tmldr.) had handled this exemplary and she handled it with patience and followed through until everything was resolved and taken care of.”

Ms. Taylor stated, “I’m a manager where I work and wanted to let you know, I have never banked with people that have been so helpful! I appreciate how understanding the FSNB employees are when assisting me and I wanted to let you know Edwin (Call Center CSR) was wonderful and has great customer service.”

Mr. Downing said, “A friend referred me to FSNB, so I went to the Cordova branch to open an account. It was very easy to get my account set up and everything was explained to me to my satisfaction.”

Ms. McHugh told us, “I came to the Nolensville branch to open an account, I was waited on in no time at all. The Staff here is great as well as friendly, and very knowledgeable of their job.”

Ms. Mitchell wanted us to know, “I’m taken care of in just minutes when I come to the Old Fort branch. The employees at this branch are always super courteous.”

Mr. Laca wanted us to know, “Spring (Call Center CSR) was very accommodating and very helpful with his two accounts he has with us.”

Ms. Mars told us, “I feel very strongly that I should give Bruce (Cards Dept. CSR) a compliment because I did not understand about fraud detection and he took the time to explain it to me. He would not let me get off the phone until he was sure that I understood what was going on with my card and with everything in my life right now that was paramount to me. He gave me some great advice to fix the problem.”

Ms. Clendening wanted us to know, “Cindy (Call Center CSR) was very professional and went above and beyond to help me today. I really appreciated Cindy’s help.”

Ms. McCove told us, “The employees at the Camden branch are very friendly, I’m waited on almost instantly. They have great teamwork and are very professional.”

Mr. Harris told us, “The staff at the Old Fort branch are always so friendly. They are always courteous and eager to help and always greet you with a smile.”

Ms. Akins told us, “When I go to the Antioch branch I’m waited on within a minute. I love the crew at this branch.”