Mr. Melvin wanted to say, “I appreciate how quickly Amanda (Call Center CSR) was able to help me. She processed my request fast and I really appreciate it, now I can take care of business today.”

Ms. King wanted us to know, “Bernard (Call Center CSR) is one of the best employees we have. He went above and beyond helping her with a stop payment. He is a true gem and hard worker.”

Ms. Caldwell wanted us to know, “Brittany (Spring Lake CSR) is beyond sweet, she’s like a girlfriend you take out for coffee. My husband and I came in to open a new account with FSNB, and Brittany’s    customer service was great, she needs a pat on the back.”

Mr. Saucier wanted to let us know, “When I come in to the Feather Lane branch, the staff here is always wonderful and so helpful.”

 Ms. Ferrell want to let us know, “I received the most wonderful service from a very beautiful and kind lady, Patricia (Call Center CSR) was very kind and patient with me. In all the years I have banked with FSNB I have never received any bad service and I truly love this bank.”

Ms. Pingue said, “The assistance I received from Donna (Camden Ops. Supr.) in addition with Robin  (Ops. V.P.) was above and beyond and so very much appreciated.”

Ms. Battles said, “Ebonie (Call Center CSR) was great, she answered all my questions, her voice tone was pleasant.”

Ms. Turner wanted to inform us, “ Brian (Call Center CSR) did a very good job in assisting me today, he was very patient with me and explained everything  to me so well.”

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Carol (Call Center CSR ) and your Bookkeeping staff were very helpful to me yesterday. I thought I had lost my checks/checkbook so I was in the process of having a series of checks stopped by the bank. I found those checks late last night and your folks            acted quickly on my behalf to cancel the stoppage. I can't thank Carol enough for all of the support she provided to me yesterday and today!   She is exceptional and should be commended for  going above and beyond to take care of the Customer! Just thought you should know! It is great to be a member of a Bank who takes good care of your needs (no matter what they might be)!
R, Nita

Mr. Bostic wanted to say, “The Ladies at the Crossville branch are very courteous, helpful and always professional.”

 Mr. Clabough told us, “I really want to tell someone how well Bernard (Call Center CSR) spoke to me and explained about items on my account. It is very rare someone goes into such detail as he did, Bernard is a very positive person!”

Mr. Howenstine said, “I’m waited on in about one minute at the Byram branch, with great service from wonderful people.”

Mr. Farr wanted us to know, “I walked in to the Conway branch 15 minutes before the branch closed and Charlie (Charlotte Conway Ops. Supr.) was outstanding in assisting me. She empathized with my situation and told me she would work on the paperwork all night if she had too, just to be sure it was correct. I had fraudulent transactions from Sprint for more than $800.00. She provided by far the best customer service I have ever received. Working in customer service myself I really appreciate all she did for me.”

Mr. Johnson told us, “At the Nolensville branch there are a great group of employees; they are friendly and always helpful.”

 Mr. Smith wanted us to know, “I really enjoyed my experience with the ladies at the Byram branch. Everyone has a very positive attitude and it makes my daughter and I feel like family.”

Mr. Cheatham told us, “I was served in a matter of seconds after I came in to the Franklin branch. I received awesome service as always.”

Ms. Schlosser wanted us to know, “Vanessa (Annex CSR) is excellent when it comes to customer service.”

Ms. Fox said, “I came in to the Byram branch to open a new account. The employees are very friendly and knowledgeable. They helped me find the right account for my needs. This branch is very clean and looks to be well organized.”

Ms. Smallwood said, “Vanessa (Annex CSR) was very nice throughout the process of opening my new checking account.”

Mr. Eddy told us, “When I come in the Canton branch there is no waiting, I love this branch and the employees.”

Ms. Alexander wanted to let us know, “I received great customer service when I  called early this morning and was pleased that Brittany (Call Center CSR) was able to assist me and that she was able to do more then I expected, she did a wonderful job.”

Mr. Brown wanted us to know, “The staff her at the Dover BX are professional and courteous to me   every time I come in the branch.”

This is feedback for the outstanding customer support/service received  from Tina (Call Center Team Leader). My wife, had to make a funds transfer last week. She was a little flustered since the money had to transferred expeditiously and she normally does not make these transactions. Tina, was not only understanding, but according to my wife, very patient with her through the process. We have been banking with Ft Sill all our adult lives. It is really refreshing to see that long ago we made one of the best decisions in our lives.

Thank you Ft Sill for always being there for us and thank you for filling your ranks with outstanding and caring employees like Tina. Mr. Washington

Mr. Kaecker wanted to let us know, “Odell (Call Center CSR) is a great employee and wanted to let us know he is a good man!”

Ms. Easterbrooks said, “Shelley (West Br. Mgr.) from beginning to end she was patient with me. I had trouble with everything and she told me exactly what to do and how to do it. She was awesome!! I almost changed my account but I did not because she has been happy with Shelly."

Ms. Brooks told us, “I came in to the Byram branch to open a new account, I was helped immediately. The staff was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.”      

Mr. Pettiford said, “The positive energy in the Nolensville Pike branch brought me in, I was taken care of immediately. The customer service is wonderful; I would recommend this branch to my family and friends to come in and open accounts here.”

Ms. Anderson wanted us to know, “I really like the Byram branch. I have referred several of my family and friends.”

Dear Kathrin: (Secty. Ops. Officer)
Thanks you for your assistance.  Thanks also to Jennifer (Opps. Asst. Cashier) and Wynona (Secty. Officer)  Your service went above and beyond and was appreciated.

Ms. Gabor

Ms. Gower said, “Everyone at the Byram branch are always friendly, and you always feel like family when your there.”

Mr. Littrell said, “I want to compliment Allegra (Cards CSR). There was some confusion with my dispute from earlier in the week and I was very upset about the situation and my card was restricted. Allegra was absolutely wonderful, she corrected my claim and took care of the problem with my card. I was very pleased Allegra did exactly what she promised. She was professional, confident and knowledgeable. I’m very happy with the job she did.”

Ms. Sivils said, “I came in to the Cordova branch to have my last name changed on my account, they are always very respectful and nice.”

 Ms. Washington stated, “Sandra (Call Center CSR) worked really hard to make sure she gave the best customer service. I appreciate how patient and understanding Sandra is. Sandra went the extra mile to make sure her debit card was working, since she is out of town and not near an FSNB branch.”

Ms. Coleman says, “Spring (Call Center CSR) was very professional. She was the best representative I have talked too. Spring was very patient and knowledgeable. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give her a 10.”

Mrs. Hardiman wanted to let us know, “What an amazing CSR Sabine (Call Center CSR) is. Sabine is very professional and helpful, she went above and beyond with making sure I understood everything about my account. Sabine took the time and patience to go over everything that might effect me and my account.”

Ms. Williams said, “The ladies at the Dover branch are exceptional, kind and courteous. They are absolutely outstanding, I love this branch.”

Ms. Lowery wanted us to know, “Monique took the time to help me with my account, she was a pleasure to work with.”

Mr. Blocker said “Hannah (Country Club CSR) gave me such excellent service; she did an outstanding job.”

Ms. Bowers wanted us to know, “Aaron (Cards CSR) is truly wonderful. Don’t know how I could have made it without him, he stood behind me all the way.”
he was awesome he is truly a blessing

Ms. Jones said, “Brittany (Call Center CSR) is brilliant and she assisted her very well and knows how to do her job.”

Mr. Jackson told us, “Melissa (Lee Supr.) is very kind and courteous, she is very helpful and one of the best at doing her job.”

Ms. Harrison wanted us to know, “The employees customer service at the Olive Branch branch are outstanding, and the location is so convenient.”

Mr. Bonura told us, “I was very pleased with today’s service at the Crossville branch, Vincent “Matt” (Br. Mgr.) was very helpful.”

Ms. Fields  stated, “I have called before and spoke with reps who do not sound eager to assist me. I called upset and combative about my situation but somehow Aaron (Cards CSR) tricked me into being in a better mood. He kept calm and assured me he was willing to help me. I was very impressed with the way he handled my call and I’m glad he was the one who answered.”

Ms. Anderson said, “Sandra (Call Center CSR) is great. She was very patient with me while I asked lots of questions about my acct. I just wanted to let us know that Sandra was on top of everything.”

Ms. Lambert wanted to let us know, “Everyone at Country Club branch are so very nice and they always do an outstanding job when I come in to the branch. Due to the service I receive, it makes me want to stay an FSNB customer.”

Ms. Washington wanted us to know, “The tellers at the Dickerson Pike branch are very friendly and helpful.”