Ms. Wallis wanted to say, “Thank you Cards Dept., I was also concerned about the charge of $118.00 on my card. I researched my store receipts and was glad  to see that I did in fact buy something and then requested $60 cash back. You all are doing an excellent job at fraud prevention and banking security. I tell everyone I work with and all of my family and friends how excellent your customer service is, and how your hours are excellent for nurses shifts (and busy moms) always keeping the customers informed!”
Thank you so much for this alert! Great job! 

From: Ms. Bertram To: ATM/Check Card
Thank you for your immediate attention this past week on my bank-card. It was compromised. Now, please send me a new, replacement card to my address as listed on my account. Thank you very much. You all are awesome!
Thank you very much.
Ms. Bertram

From: ATM/Check Card To: Ms. Bertram
Dear Ms. Bertram,
I will be more than happy to order a card for you but it can take 7-14 business days to reach you. If the weather is not horrible, you can visit your local branch to obtain a new card that will work for you within 2 hours. Please let me know which option you prefer.
Card Service

From: Ms. Bertram To: ATM/Check Card
This is the best bank ever!  I think I will just run by the bank here. Thank you so much for your immediate  response. Have a great day!
Vicki D. Bertram

Ms. Ahrent said, “I will not go to any other branch beside the Antioch Branch no matter what. Kimberly (CSR) and Allison (CSR) have both helped me previously and both go above and beyond, and best of all they do not rush me out, I feel relaxed when I’m there and this makes me trust they are doing all they can to help me.”

Ms. Williams stated that Jennifer (Cards Supvr./ Ops. Officer) is the best and should be given a raise for her dedication to excellent customer service. She walked her through an Enfact issue and even stayed on the phone while the customer used the card to make sure that there were no problems.

Mr. Frank said, “you could hear the smile in Tina's (CSR Call Center) voice and she had the best greeting he has ever gotten in the call center.”

Mr. Curd said, “Arnell (CSR Antioch) was great, she helped so much and explained all the options to help me.”

Mr. Nordblom  wanted to let us know, “Linda (CSR Cards) was very helpful getting an issue resolved so that his transaction could be  processed. She was respectful and awesome.”

Ms. Allen wanted us to know, “she loves the employees at the Mansfield Branch. They are super friendly and knowledgeable. I will continue to bank here and will refer others!”

Ms. Gillian said, “every time I go into the Youree Branch I always receive the greatest customer service from Denal (Ops. Supvr.), and I love doing my banking here.”

Ms. Coy wanted to let us know that, “Valencia (CSR Call Center) was so patient with her and extremely helpful.” Ms. Coy wanted to make sure that she got the recognition she deserves because she made her understand what was going on and made her feel comfortable asking questions.

Ms. Sloniecki wanted us to know, “The ladies at the Antioch Branch are friendly, professional and knowledgeable about bank policy’s.”

Ms. Jones wanted us to know, “Shalisa (Ops. Supvr. Nolensville Branch) is one of the best tellers she has ever dealt with, Shalisa is knowledgeable, friendly and over all very professional.

Ms. Hych states, “ Jennifer (CSR Call Center) was very pleasant, patient, understanding, and clear when she was assisting her with her account. She was very pleased with the customer service she received from Jennifer.”

Mr. Kirby said, "when I go to the Nolensville  Branch, I’m always greeted with a smile and outstanding service.”

Ms. Brown wanted to tell us, “she loves the Cookeville Branch, and the friendly people who work here, they are always helpful every time I come in.

Ms. Grayson called in to make sure we know that Sandy (CSR) and Mark (Branch Mgr.) are awesome. She always has great service when she goes to her Elizabethton Branch.

Ms. Brown said, “Tanisha (Ops. Supvr. Bossier City Branch) was awesome, friendly and make sure everything was done correctly and in a timely fashion.”
Ms. Henry wanted us to know, “how much she loves the Crossville Branch, and the employees here are so helpful and patient. I love them all great job  everyone.”

Mr. Kinnard said, “I came in to open a new checking and savings account at the Youree Drive Branch, I was greatly impressed with the customer service I received.”