Ms. Mayfield wanted us to know, “every employee at the Jackson Branch are       always so nice and extremely helpful, they are awesome.”

Ms. Cross said, “when I walk into the Jackson Branch every visit is great. The staff is always very helpful and any time I have a question they explain things to me so very well.”

Ms. Green wanted us to know, “the Jackson Branch has over the top customer   service. I am taken care of in no time at all.”

Ms. Campbell said, “when I come into the Jackson Branch I’m always greeted and service is in a satisfactory time, these people are awesome.”

Ms. Littleton said, “I want to give a special thanks to Kayla (Jackson Team Ldr.) for such wonderful service.”

Ms. McNeill she told us, “Kathy (Operator) was very nice to me, she really has a lot a patience.”

Ms. Margotta said, “the staff at the Nolensville Branch are very helpful, and friendly.  I’ve never had a problem with this bank. I will stay with this bank and it’s outstanding staff.”

Mr. Thorpe said, “I spoke to Elizabeth (Call Center CSR) today and I was very pleased with her great customer service skills. I work in customer service myself and it is not very often when I comes across someone with skills like Elizabeth's. She was understanding, informative, and thorough. I believe she is a great addition to the bank and suggest that you keep her on the team.”

Ms. Cochran said, “when I came into the Bragg Blvd. Branch I am greeted very nicely. I don’t have to wait any time at all for service. I love all the
employees there.”

Ms. Gutieivez told us, “I love how friendly and    active everyone is at the Bartlett Branch,  they even ask about my children.”

Ms. Palmer stated, “ Margot (Call Center CSR) was very helpful, patient, and informative.  Margot gave me a lot of tips that I could use.”

Ms. Westmorland wanted us to know, “Carmen (West Branch Mgr.) is a great lady and is always polite every time I come in the branch.”

Mr. Johnson wanted us to know that “Jessica Welch, (Olive Branch Mgr.), is an exceptional employee! Jessica is always very nice and friendly when I go into the branch.  She always goes above and beyond to provide me with excellent customer service. She is doing a great job and I wanted her to be acknowledged.”

Ms. Cundall said, “I love the Nolensville Branch, the employees are always so nice.”

Ms. Sanders told us, “when I go into the Austin Peay Branch, I’m greeted with a pleasant smile and fast service.”

Ms. Burrell said, “everyone in the Millington Branch is outstanding, they have beautiful smiles, spirit and personality. I will be staying with this branch for a long time.”

Mr. Jennings said, “Danielle (Crossville Branch Mgr.) is amazing, excellent, friendly and provides prompt service.”

Ms. Lamm wanted to tell us, “Jason (Nolensville CSR) is an asset to your branch with his outstanding  service.”