Ms. Hermanson told us, “I’m always greeted with a smile and taken care of  immediately at the Crossville branch.”

Ms. Godsey wanted us to know, “when I go to the Crossville branch I’m always taken care of in a timely  manner, the employees are all friendly and efficient.”

Mr. Aytes told us, “I came in to the Crossville branch to open an account,  everyone there are so very friendly.”

Ms. McClananhan said, “I came  in the Crossville branch to wire money to someone, Christopher (CSR) was extremely helpful. Everyone in this branch have always been very helpful.”

Ms. Sturgill told us, “I needed a checking account for a direct deposit for my new job, I was taken care of as soon as I walked in the Crossville branch.”

Ms. Corley told us, “I came in to the Crossville branch to make a deposit, I was waited on in a matter of seconds, this branch is great.”

Mr. Mikuta said, “Kristan (CRS) at the Crossville branch  helped me open my new account, she is a very warm and friendly person. Kristan had all the correct answers for every one of my questions.”

Mr. Murphy said, “a friends referral brought me to the Crossville branch, I was greeted and served in a friendly manner, this branch is excellent.”

 Mr. Taylor said “ the Franklin branch employees were very helpful and responsive. I had open heart surgery without medical insurance, and branch associates assisted me with temp over draft, I could not be more pleased. This branch has taken very good care of me and my family and I am very grateful.”

Mr. Kruppa wanted us to know, “I love the season decorations at the Cookeville branch, along with the quick service I receive.”

Mr. Ledford said, “ at the Mt. Juliet branch, my banking needs are taken care of in no time, this is the best bank in the U.S.A.”

 Mr. Buck sent a letter saying, “I just wanted to inform you that your employee, Warren (Browns Mill CSR) is phenomenal. He is extremely  professional and has commendable customer service. I always look forward to working with him.”

Ms. Cross  told us, “the employees at the Jackson branch  always give the greatest service and answer all of my questions. “

 Ms. Luhrs said, “I went to the Rutherford branch to make a withdrawal, I was in and out of the branch in 3 minutes. You guys rock!”

Ms. Payne wanted us to know, “they have a great team at the Cordova branch, very excellent customer service.”

Mr. Yandell called to let us know, “Debra (Collections CSR) is very professional and took a lot of time and patience with me setting up a payment arrangement, I love FSNB and she just made it better.”

Ms. Brownlow said, “ I was very pleased with the way Dondi (Internet Banking CSR) assisted me with my online banking issue. So much that I want to know if I  could speak with him every time I call. I appreciated the fact that he was very courteous and professional.”

Ms. Westmorland  wanted to let us know, “we came into the Mt Juliet branch just minutes before closing time. The employees didn’t seem to be upset with us wanting to open an account so late. We got our account opened, it was awesome!”

Ms. White told us, “ after Vanessa  (Annex CSR)helped me, I want tell you about how awesome she is and what a good job she does.”

Mr. Sutton said, “I came into the Cordova branch to make a deposit, I received fast service with very  little waiting. It’s always a pleasant visit every time I come in.”

Ms. Bell said, “I came into the Camden branch with an account problem, Tamara (Supr.) was there with her outstanding customer service to help me fix the problem.”

Ms. Smith wanted us to know, “Ashley (Collections CSR) was amazing and very professional. She explained everything to her about the account in a way where she was able to understand.”

Ms. Hammond said, “Jeanice ( Cordova Ops. Supr.) was very friendly and everyone was very helpful.”

Ms. Williams said, “Arnell (Antioch CSR) assisted me  for an hour with no complaints. When you have employees  like Arnell this branch will be around for a long time.”

Ms. Dotson told us, “I needed to open an account for my son, I came into the Jackson branch and was  served immediately. I have to say the service was phenomenal!” 

Mr. Cooper wanted to say, “ I had a very pleasurable experience working with Allegra (Cards CSR) on his problem. She was very professional and kept the  situation calm. She is a wonderful employee and should be praised.”

Ms. Woodard wanted us to know, “I was greeted in a very professional and positive manner when I came into the Cordova branch. I observed professional and courteous service from William (CSR) and his peers. It was like a breath of fresh  air to see all the peers so professional.”