Thank you for your helpful suggestion, I will be  following your advice from now on. I keep all of my receipts, but have never thought to make a     record of them. Thank you for the information, I really appreciate you. I wish there was some of way I could grade you on your customer service. You would definitely get an A for your assistance and more importantly your attitude in helping me with this issue. I appreciate your customer service, thank you.
Sincerely and Earnestly,

Ms. Zavogiannis wanted to let us know, “I really enjoy the Crossville Branch. The employees are very helpful to me, they always greet me with a big smile, and they are always cheerful.”

Mr. Ruzicka wanted to let us know, “I’ve been using overdraft protection and just wanted to let you know I really appreciated being able to have it on my account. I’m super happy with FSNB because of the low overdraft fee.”

Ms. Parmer wanted to let us know, “Rebbeca (CSR Call Center) did a phenomenal job helping me with my card issue.”

Ms. Valadez said, “everyone at the Franklin Branch are always very friendly and helpful.”

Ms. McDaniel told us, “When I come in to deposit my check at the Crossville Branch, I never have to wait long to be waited on. All the ladies here are very friendly.”

Mr. Potts wanted to let us know, “Brandee (CSR Cards) did a “Super Great Job”.  She kept my wife and me from being in a bad situation, just by asking us a few questions.”

Ms. Terrell said, “I love all the employees at the Nolensville Branch, they are always so friendly.”

Mr. Yarber said, “Rebbeca's (CSR Call Center) professionalism is superb. She has great patience and took her time to explain everything to me about my account, this is the best service I have ever had.”

Ms. Eichinger said, “Courtney (West Ops. Officer) is very professional and gave me the best customer service I’ve received at FSNB.”

Ms. Perez said, “whenever I go into the Millington Branch, I’m always greeted with a smile no matter who is at the teller line.”

Mr. Keck said, “The Crossville Branch has some of the friendliest people I have very done business with. I come in to cash a check, I have my money in no time at all.”

Ms. Pijor said, “I want to complement Charlotte (CSR Cards) I’m very pleased with her excellent  customer service skills.”

Mr. Sanders wanted to let us know, “how excellent Kathy (CSR Cards) was, she helped me out a great deal and I very much appreciate her for her good attitude.”

Ms. Soriano said, “I had a dispute with my account, Danielle (Crossville Br. Mgr.) went above and beyond her job duty to help correct it.”

Mr. Shelton said, “Simeon (Bartlett Sale Supr.) was very helpful and friendly, my new account was process fast and efficiently.”

Ms. Motes said, “the employees at the Charlotte Pike Branch are always friendly and courteous, and they always take good care of all my banking needs.”

Ms. Adams wanted to say, “Thank You Cordova Branch for having such friendly employees greeting me every time I come in the branch.”

Theresa (Franklin Ops. Supr.)
I would like to thank you again for all your help with my dad’s account. It has been a stressful situation and your kindness helped more than you know. I will always be thankful for you were there to guide me.

Ms. Randolph wanted to tell us, “Kristen (Crossville CRS) is very nice and always very professional, I’m waited on immediately when I come in the branch.”
Mr. Vereen said, “I walked in the Dover Branch without a smile on my face, but Dawn (Supr.) fixed that in no time at all, with her kind and friendly service.”
Ms. Brooks told us, “I was needing copies of some of my checks for proof of payment, Jansen (Dover  Reg.) worked for several hours to complete this task for me. He did a wonderful job.”

Ms. Flowers wanted to let us know, “Rebecca (Call Center CSR) went above and beyond doing a great job helping me. Rebecca told me a lot of information I didn’t know, that will really helped  me out latter. I really appreciate her help a whole lot.”

Mr. Cheatham told us, “the Franklin Branch is an awesome bank with equally awesome employees.”

Ms. Williams wanted to pass on a message to the Nolensville Branch, “keep up the good work, I appreciate your service.”

Ms. Freeman wanted to let us know, “I’m so glad I come in to the Cordova Branch to open a new account, I was taken care of in less than a minute.”