To whom it may concern,
I come from a Customer Service background. Most times we only hear the negative in reference to services etc. that are provided.

I am emailing to let you know how please I am to be a member of this bank. What I encountered Friday 1/9/15 is without a doubt the best service I have ever received in any dealings I have ever had with previous banking institutions. 

From the start Krystal, the Branch Mgr. in the Walmart center in Monroe, NC to Catherine in your (Internet Banking) by phone.

Krystal was very informative, friendly, courteous and fun to have been with during my initial enrollment with FSNB. The account and services you provide seemed to be geared toward the regular working person like myself and so glad to be a part of your institution. 

When I called the Internet Banking for help while trying to  register online, I once again was greeted by Catherine who was very helpful, courteous and friendly. 

Their friendly and helpful demeanor has made this not only a great experience I also feel well taken care of and secure and look forward to continuing my banking needs with FSNB.

Thank you and have a great day.


Mr. Cooper Jr. said, “ Bernard (CRS Call Center) did an exceptional job and that he was great and   answered all his questions.”

Ms. Grayson said, “I would like to thank the Elizabethton branch for the excellent service, they are always so helpful and nice. Especially Sandy (CRS)  and Mark (Branch Mgr.) who are very  helpful.”

Mr. Littlecloud wanted to say, “ that it was a  pleasure talking with Shrome (CRS Call Center)  today.  She was very pleasant, very understanding, and very nice.  Her service put me in a good mood today!”

Ms. Lewis said, “ Jansen (Branch Mgr.) and Khalia (Supr.) at the Dover Walmart branch make sure I left the branch happy and provided me with great service! Thanks!”

Mr. Pike Jr. said, “the Dover Walmart Branch is the most courteous bank I’ve ever been associated with and Jansen (Branch Mgr.) always greets me with a friendly smile and hand shake, as do all of his associates. I can’t stop giving accolades to all the people at this branch.”

Ms. Brown wanted us to know, “when I’m at  the Oakland Branch I receive home town banking, with a great atmosphere, and always smiling faces.”

Ms. Bazer says, “the Rutherford Branch always has outstanding attitudes, superior professionalism throughout the branch and always accommodating my needs.”

Mrs. Choplosky wanted us to know, “Tonya (CSR), and Sue (Supr.) at the Cookeville Branch both ladies have gone above and beyond their regular duties many times, helping me a senior citizen.”

Ms. Garrett said, “I love coming to the Southaven Branch, the tellers are very nice and professional. Job well done, keep up the great work!”

Ms. Tyson was stunned by the service she received from Damesha (CSR Call Center) today, she is great at personal customer service, she knew exactly what she was talking about and she didn't have to repeat herself. Ms. Tyson said, “ I’m hard to deal with and Damesha did a great job. If she was here I would buy her a soda.”

Mr. Kates said, “ I’ve been banking her for years and I love the Ladies at the Oakland Branch.”

Mr. Johnson said, “ I drive from Michigan City, Ms. to the Oakland Branch because the employees are always friendly and nice. I wouldn’t go to any other branch.”

Ms. Palmer wanted to let me know, “Bernard is an awesome CSR (Call Center). She stated he helped her with another survival plan for her life, he was very professional, and he was very patient.”

Mr. Owen wanted to let us know, “The Crossville Branch is the best bank I have ever worked with,  it’s even better than Regions Bank! Great Job.”

Ms. Fitz said, “the Austin Peay Branch employees are extremely friendly. One of the best banks I visited in a long time.  I always feel as if my business is appreciated, I will recommend to all my friends.”