Ms. Powell wanted to let us know, “When I come in to the Old Canton branch I’m greeted promptly when I walk in the door and taken care of in no time at all.  These ladies “ROCK”! They are always warm and inviting.  I have come to think of them as family.”

Mr. Coleman said, “When I come in to the Old Canton branch, they give me customer service the right way. The young women in this branch are awesome, they always treat me right. “

Ms. Burrell told us, “All the employees at the Old Canton branch have excellent customer   service and give good information out to all of the customers.”

Mr. Harper wanted us to know, “How nice and friendly the Old Canton branch employees are. Keep up the good work!”

Ms. Fluker wanted us to know, “When I come in to the Old Canton branch I’m taken care of in no time at all, with very good service.”

Mr. Self said, “All of the employees at the Old Canton branch are extremely nice, especially Erica (Ops. Supr.) she always greets me with a smile and is very helpful.”

Ms. Allen told us, “I love the Old Canton branch and the people that work here. They are all very nice and work fast.”

Mr. Brown said, “I have had multiple brain surgeries and it’s very hard for me to comprehend. However, Bernard (Call Center CRS) went above and beyond to assist me. I am very impressed with Bernard and all of the FSNB staff.”
Mr. Bristo wanted to let us know, “Ms. Lori (Youree Br. Mgr.) is outstanding in her job skills.”

Ms. Harvey said, “The Franklin branch’s staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. This branch has a very pleasant environment and décor.”

 Ms. Evans wanted us to know, “I love the smiles, friendliness, and decorations at the Nolensville branch. If I ever have any problems they find a way to fix it, they don’t just sit on their hands and say they don’t know or pass it off.”

Ms. Denter said, “ Rachelle (Call Center CSR) made me feel better about what I felt was a situation. Rachelle was very patient and very helpful. I feel more comfortable now, since speaking to Rachelle.”

Ms. Scott said, “The Dover Walmart branch takes care of me right away, they are a very welcoming staff.”

Mr. Hardin told us, “Jamie (Olive Branch Br. Mgr.) was excellent while helping me activate my card, and she was very polite and did everything she could.”
 Ms. Summers said, “I just want you to know how well everyone at the Country Club branch is doing, I never have to wait and the staff is always wonderful.”
Mr. Broglin said, “I called back after being disconnected from Sabine (Call Center CSR) due to lots of tree coverage and lost reception. I wanted to make sure she knew I was very pleased with her help, she was most helpful and I did hear the transactions that she told me before the call was lost. I appreciated her help.”

Ms. Zdyrko wanted us to know, “The Camden branch tellers have the best customer service ever.”

Ms. Ware said, “Sam (Cards CSR) and Taylor (Cards CSR) were professional and Taylor was able to keep me from closing my account.”

Ms. Moore said, “The Madison branch goes beyond the call of duty to assist me. I love this bank and the employees.”

Mr. Hewlett said, “Everyone at the Bartlett branch are so nice and professional. My wife and I love coming in to the bank, they all practice such excellent customer service.”

Ms. Watley said, “Everyone at the Youree branch was very helpful and awesome and you can tell they are sincere.”

Ms. Mason stated, “I have been extremely frustrated the past few days and Cecilia has been helping me and has gone above and beyond for me and I am very grateful. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the excellent job Cecilia has done.”

Ms. Lemon told us, “When I come in to the Youree branch, I’m always greeted, and the service is outstanding.”

Ms. Calhoun said, “I only have great things to say about the Cordova branch. Keep up the amazing work!”

Mr. Jackiewicz told us, “He wanted to tell Sunok  (Bkkp CSR) that she did an awesome job getting him the statements he needed so quickly.”

Mr. Smith told us, “I want to extend a compliment for the experience I had with Christine (Br. Mgr.) at the Jacksonville branch. I was very pleased and wanted someone to recognize what a great branch we have.”

Ms. Washington wanted us to know, “The tellers at the Dickerson Pike branch are very friendly and helpful.”