Ms. Anderson wanted to let us know, “how grateful she was with the service she received from Ruth (CSR Funds Hold Dept.) and how she went above and beyond to answer questions in regards to the funds being held in my account and make sure that I didn’t have any more questions before ending the call.”

Ms. Wegerbaure told us, “her son had opened a savings account at the Cookeville Branch, he was so pleased with the service, he referred me. Now I’m going to refer my friend here also.”

Mr. Pizanis told us, “he had a great experience when he opened his account at the Nolensville Branch. He was treated very kind and loved the service.”

Ms. Hoffey wanted to inform us how wonderful   Jennifer (Call Center CSR) is. She stated, “Jennifer put me at ease regarding several transactions which needed to be disputed, she has a wonderful voice tone, and made me feel like a valued customer. Jennifer was forced to place me on hold several times, she apologized when asking me to hold and thanked me for being patience each time. Jennifer did everything for me, even gave me information about things I didn’t think to ask about. I’ve been a customer since 1980, and felt this was one of the best instances of customer service I have received from FSNB. Ms. Hoffey said she lives in Georgia now, adamantly refuses to leave us.”

Ms. Vise said, “I love everyone here at the Dover Walmart Branch, they are all very friendly and   helpful.”

Ms. Patterson stated she always likes to recognize good customer service skills, and she wishes to    recognize (Call Center CSR). Ms. Patterson stated that, “Carlene was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful, and assisted her in finding a resolution.  Carlene took every step and didn’t miss a beat while helping to answer her questions and solve her issues. Carlene’s voice tone is soothing, and she is perfect for a customer service position.”

Mr. Allgrunn wanted to make sure that our employee Ruth (CSR Funds Hold) was recognized for her outstanding service because he likes to give credit where credit is due. He thinks she’s a great employee who goes above and beyond to help customers no matter how long that might take.

Mr. Mayhand said, “he wanted to thank everyone at the Cookeville Branch, I love the way you treat me.”

Ms. Dodd said, “everyone was very friendly and helpful at the Jackson Branch. I had an excellent  experience with this branch, I will recommend this branch to everyone.”

Ms. Edwards was pleased with Melissa (Call Center CSR) customer service skills. “She states Melissa was very informative and answered all of her questions regarding her account with great detail.”

Mr. Cosey said, “Michal (Nolensville CSR) was great. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient.”

Mr. Pizanis wanted us to know, “he was greeted when he came in the Nolensville branch to open his account. He had a great experience, and was treated very kind and love the service.”

Ms. Barnes informed us, “Ginger Harris (Cards Dept.) has done an outstanding job helping her with a rental car issue, even going above and beyond. She stated that I had been told by several different  people “I can’t help” but Ginger never uttered those words. She was polite, professional and patient she listened to every question and answered them with knowledge and confidence.”