Mr. Fitch called to let us know how happy he was with the service he received today from Stephanie  (Supr. Card Dept.) She was helpful and friendly when explaining how car rental holds work and he wanted to thank her.

Mr. Curran would like to give Marcus (Call Center CSR) credit for not making him feel like he was  talking at him, but was talking to him. He also said that Marcus was fantastic with giving him correct information.

To the entire FSNB Team,
Thanks for your kind service and allowing my return that had abruptly ended during 2015 by me. I plan to move to Lawton Oklahoma soon.
Blessings all is well,
Ms. Franklin
Shreveport, La.

Ms. Pivacek told us, “The Antioch branch has good team work, with a lot of smiles, I’m always served right away.”

Ms. Caulfield said, “the staff at the Athens branch takes the time to personally get to know me, it makes me feel special.”

Ms. Whitaker wanted us to know, “Tyrone (Bossier City CSR) was very helpful and professional. I was very grateful for his help.”

Mr. Boyland said, “Samantha (Cordova CSR) went out of her way to help me with a problem on my account, through it all she always had a big smile on her face and was very helpful.”

Ms. Jones wanted us to know, “Alexis (CSR Dickerson Pike) went above and beyond to make sure I had all the information I needed on my account. I had a great experience and will come back and tell others about my experiences.”

Mr. Beatty called to say, “that Renee (Bookkeeping) was very patient and understanding with me today. I had some issues and was considering leaving FSNB, but Renee was able to explain things and I decided to keep my account with FSNB.”

Ms. Peek wanted us to know, “I enjoyed my visit to the Crossville branch. I received prompt and courteous service with a smile and it was Andrea (CSR) that was so very pleasant.”

Ms. Kidd told us, “I love the ladies at the Nolensville branch, they are always friendly and pleasant.”

Ms. Mayfield  said, “Everyone at the Jackson branch are the best! They are always very friendly and extremely happy.”

Ms. Cole said, “I love the staff at the Jackson branch, they are very friendly and helpful.”

Mr. Sullivan said, “Shytoria (Rutherford Team  Leader) helped me with a problem on my account, she was courteous and very professional in solving my problem. She is always smiling and professional.”

Ms. Qwepue said, “when I come into the Dover branch I’m greeted with a warm welcome. This is a great branch overall and everyone does an excellent job.”

Ms. Williams wanted us to know, “Simeon (Bartlett Sales Supr.) and Virginia (Ops. Supr.) were so nice when I opened my account, love them both.”

Ms. Boyd said, “the service at the Dickerson Pike branch is excellent. They are knowledgeable, and friendly, and they make my banking experience awesome.”

 Ms. Harris wanted to tell us, “Kelsey (Crossville CSR) was extremely, helpful, and courteous, her help went beyond what most tellers would have done.”

Ms. Ross said, “the Cordova branch has efficient customer service. I receive a very friendly greeting when I come in, this makes me feel very welcome.”

Ms. Glenn said, “when I opened my new account, Kenee (Dickerson Pike CSR) did a fantastic job of taking care of all my needs, she was very friendly, energetic, and her help was above and beyond.”